1. The THELIOS current 2024 is for 50 pcs minimum order and cannot be cumulated with other offers
    2) Once you have placed the order we will check the availability and delivery date
    3) A proforma according to the quantity confirmed will be issued for the payment of the 30% deposit to start the order 
    4) The order usually will take 20-25 days to be shipped to us
    5) You will receive the  final proforma with the balance to pay
    6) If you need we can provide  a courier quotation based on the packing details of the ready goods and add it to the proforma
    7) Once we receive the payment the goods will be shipped and a tracking number will be provided
    8) Payment is by Bank Transfer, we can also accept Paypal but with commissions at customer charge
  2.   Important warning: you can view the goods before they are shipped, but the goods must be paid first as to have them here we must first pay our suppliers
    We strongly suggest that you insure your goods with the courier of your choice because we will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft that may occur to your shipment, we simply offer a quotation for a shipment with DHL or FedEx


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FENDI Catalog and price list 2024

From 15th May Fendi prices will increase ! Hurry up to order with old prices!

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